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Rush to grab the high quality audience of iOS devices through iOS apps in favor of your business on bargaining rates


Lujayn is boasting with huge expertise in mobile application development niche and iOS application development is much applauded among the offshore clienteles from different regions of the globe including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and other European nations. Lujayn has amalgamated the latest technologies with creativity and skills we have acquired with pace of time and endeavors in order to achieve desired outcome in the market.


We have served range of businesses, enterprises, and entrepreneurs in the market with our robust iPhone and iPad specific applications developed for bespoken needs as well as making some fortunes in the marketplace. Our portfolio is offering solid evidences for the new clients who have some ideas or opt for any scale of work.


Why Do You Opt for iOS App Development

Recent mobile landscape is capable to serve every purpose that one can imagine in modern civilization and iOS applications are seemingly ubiquitous on mobile landscape. If we look at the Apple store, there are millions of apps available and inflow is continuous or says increasing due to recent ease through the introduction of Swift programming language.


Besides these, iOS based devices are proliferating in numbers as well as in forms including wearable devices running with iOS or with the support of other iOS devices. If we look at the statistical prediction of Forbs, it has projected that the 1.2 billion of smartphone influx in next year or before the ending of 2015.


According to the laws of market, businesses should go where their target audience is going and iOS devices have potentials to offer big as well as quality audience for innovative and unique opportunity. Moreover, Apple iOS and devices are offering several distinguish advantages against their rival mobile platform such as:

  • Apple products are always intuitive, usable, and with the best UX with easy UI
  • Apple enjoys affluent vast user-base in developed or advanced country who are willing to pay for quality product
  • Popularity of Apple products in the market is due to its quality consciousness so App store has high quality standards for approval process
  • Apple products always secure and safe to use due to its high quality security standards
  • Finally, Swift has reduces iOS application development time and efforts considerably


Why iPhone App Development

iPhone is a cloying device with tiny screen and capable to serve all times even while users are on the go. It has unique and broad use cases and the most preferable device for BYOD users cross the various industries and enterprises. Therefore, iPhone apps are dominant in numbers in App store and offering great returns to the iOS app development companies. Check more on our iPhone app development services…


Why iPad App Development

The most intuitive handheld device is iPad and it has sleek design, great focus on usability, and sumptuous Retina display offering its uses a top-notch user experience that no other handheld device can. Unfortunately, general clients as well as some less experienced developers believe that iPad apps are nothing but a big version of iPhone apps and that farther from the truth.


No doubt, operating system is common among iPhone and iPad devices, but form factors and hardware supports are altogether different in iPad against tiny iPhone. Moreover, use cases and usability are quite differing in case of iPad compared to iPhone. Therefore, iPad app developers should take extreme care while designing and programming the iPad applications in its own contexts.


Why Apple Watch App Development

Recently, Apple has released Smart Watch SDK at beta level and offered great opportunities to the iOS developers to explore the unexploited territories of wearable devices for coming days. However, creating smart watch apps is a big challenge at tech point of views, as iOS designers and iOS programmers have to scale further the app for the tiniest and the weakest hardware and for altogether use cases.


Our iOS Apple Watch app development team has knack to meet such device specific needs and can create iPhone or iPad app based Apple Watch applications that provide you instant access to the very handy and all times attached wearable devices’ interface to do things quickly and in amazing way.



Offerings of iOS App Development Services at Lujayn

Lujayn offers range of iPhone and iPad application development services under the hood of iOS app development department.

  • iPhone Application Development Services
  • iPad Application Development Services
  • iOS Game Application Development Services
  • Hire iPhone Application Developer Services
  • Hire iPad Application Developer Services
  • Custom iOS Application Development Services
  • iOS Upgrade Services/iOS Migration Services
  • Merging Existing Objective-C Codebase into SWIFT Codebase Services
  • iOS Native Application Development Services
  • iOS Hybrid Application Development Services using PhoneGap


Other domain expertise we have like:

  • iOS Enterprise Application Development Services
  • iOS Education Application Development Services
  • iOS Music Application Development Services
  • iOS Financial Application Development Services
  • iOS E-Commerce Application Development Services
  • iOS Navigation Application Development Services
  • iOS Online Booking Application Development Services
  • iOS Social/Chat Application Development Services
  • iOS Travel Application Development Services
  • iOS Shopping/Deals Application Development Services
  • iOS Social Media Integration Application Development Services
  • iOS Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Application Development Services
  • iOS Real Estate Application Development Services
  •  iOS Home Automation Application Development Services
  • iOS Maintenance & Back-End Support Services


Why Do You Prefer Lujayn for iOS App Development

No doubt, market is stiffly competitive and we have to offer some additional traits or services to standout among the sea of iOS app development companies. Therefore, we have:

  • Pool of iOS talents with adequate education qualification
  • Adequate expertise over iOS technologies and tools
  • Adequate training to offer utmost client satisfactions through various domain expertises
  • Adequate infrastructural facilities to create conductive and collaborative development environment
  • Adequate hardware and software supports to offer advance iOS application development services with rapid application development technologies and techniques.
  • Adequate experiences in various kinds of iOS app development including majority of categories listed in App store
  • Adequate success rate in the marketplaces
  • Adequate marketing and approval supports for iOS applications in App store
  • Adequate QA and testing facilities 

Our iPad app development services are superior.

  • At Lujayn, iPad app developers are capable to visualize viable and feasible app ideas easily

  • We have enough experiences to create iPad app that fits on multiple screens without missing UX and usability credentials defined by marketplaces as well as clients.
  • We never try to scale iPhone applications in order to fit on iPad screens because we know mere resize of app never offer native device experiences or usability enhancement. Therefore, we are prototyping and designing iPad apps from the scratch by keeping iPad only in mind.


What Are Technical Expertise of Team of iOS App Development at Lujayn

GUI Mac OS X with higher version, iOS SDK like iPhone SDK, iPad SDK and other App store tools
Development Environment Latest version of Xcode and Interface Builder
Development Languages Swift, Objective C, C++, various scripts like JavaScript, jQuery, Media Query
Databases SQLite and other modern web databases for backend and web services supports
Frameworks Cocoa Touch, OpenGL ES, Cocos2d, Unity3D/4D, etc. PhoneGap and Titanium for hybrid development and Bootstraps for web app development
Version Management GitHub, SVN, Mercurial, etc.
Tools ASI HTTP Request, ShareKit, Wikitude, RedLazer API, Payment System API, Social Networking API, etc. Instruments, Dtrace, and Hudson as coding tools
ORM ResKit, Core Data, etc.
Presentation Layer UIKit, Core Graphics, HTML5 & CSS3, etc.


Why Do You Prefer to Hire iOS App Developers from Lujayn

We know many B2B clients occasionally agree on the contractual assignments. Therefore, we have devised hire iOS app developer services in highly affordable and flexible ways to meet the bespoken needs and budgetary constraints of our B2B as well as tech-savvy clients who want to save some bucks using their tech knowledge as well as involve actively in the development process.


In due course, we offer:

  • Transparent project management system where each client has freedom to interact directly with hire iOS app developer team and get regular updates or reports as well as offer timely feedback to the developers to speed up the process.
  • Our automatic time log and help of experienced project manager save your hard-earned money in multiple ways.
  • Our experienced iOS team leaders and project managers offer enough guidance to manage your any scale of project in cost-effective, righteous as well as creative ways.
  • Our entire iOS development team including designers, programmers, and marketers are trained to make effective conversations with offshore clients coming from diverse cultures and lingual Diasporas.
  • We use the latest communication technologies to offer you quick and round the clock access of your team and our support system at any time and from anywhere.



No doubt, our efforts to depict our all services on this limited space are short, but an effective conversation with our tech and marketing team on our virtual spaces are better option to explore to get more.


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