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Grab vast audience of mobile users and Google’s attention using our mobile friendly web development


Lujayn is an eminent Joomla web development company where Joomla talents swarm in collaborative and conductive environment and flourish further by nurturing creativity for sake of satisfaction of patrons.


With each new upcoming technology, innovations offered from Joomla team and recent mobile craze is not exception at all. In due course, web development teams at Lujayn have decided to offer mobile friendly web solutions at premium rates using various technologies including Joomla as PHP open source.


Why Do You Rush for Mobile Friendly Web development

Now, we have higher number of mobile browser users

When Joomla arrived in the market as PHP open source, websites were displayed only on desktop or laptop browsers. With advent of technologies, handheld devices have captured a vast audience of Internet users. If we look at the data we can find that in 2013, desktop browser users were 85% against 14% of mobile browsers. In 2014, desktop browser users fall to 75%, while mobile users were increased up to 25%, and finally in 2015 they are 30% against drop of desktop users up to 65%.

To avoid bad user experiences

Therefore, we can’t ignore 30% users of mobile browsers at any cost. However, these substantial numbers of handheld devices users have posed new set of problems. For instance, they are coming with complaints like everything squeezing to fit on tiny screen making reading text cumbersome experience as users have to pan and zoom frequently. Touch gestures have added intricacies in user experiences further. Just imagine, if your competitors are solving their problems by providing mobile friendly website with excellent users experiences, your chances of winning battle would be deemed further despite your great desktop friendly website.


In due course, you are left with only one option and that is investing in mobile friendly web designing as well as mobile friendly web programming and testing process by aligning or collaborating with a reputed mobile friendly web development company like Lujayn. At Lujayn, you will have three options to make your Joomla and other web presence mobile user friendly and they are:

  • Responsive web designing
  • Adaptive web designing
  • Dedicated mobile web designing


Benefits of responsive Joomla web designing

Of course, you will have certain benefits of our mobile friendly website development such as:

  • By preferring responsive Joomla web designing option, you can make your website mobile user friendly and please them through excellent user experiences.
  • With mobile friendly website designing and programming you can make your website search engine friendly, as recently, Google has declared that it will consider mobile friendliness factor of website in its ranking algorithm!
  • You will have single website when you select responsive Joomla website design option so frontend update and backend management would become easy for all users even if you have large web portal with intricate features and functionality to manage.
  • With responsive Joomla web designing, you will eliminate duplicate content issues easily and can refresh content regularly with a single backend.
  • You can reduce designing, programming, testing, maintaining, and marketing costs of your Joomla website, if you opt for responsive Joomla website designing option or go to select responsive Joomla template as the base template.

Mobile Friendly Web Development Services at Lujayn

Unfortunately, creating mobile friendly websites is not easy, as it seems. Heavy fragmentation on mobile hardware, mobile OS, and mobile screens are the biggest obstacles on the road and have made mobile friendly website development tough and costly at time consumption, resources it absorbs, and cost of development. As discussed above, we offer three standard options to make your Joomla website mobile devices or handheld devices user friendly: responsive, adaptive, and dedicated mobile website designing. Let’s check them in brief that what sort of services we offer:

Responsive Joomla Web Designing Services:

In our responsive web designing you will find the page URL, source/HTML, images, and rests of things, but we give the CSS different rules based on browser width and nature. We offer responsive website for you and your business with elegant display, robust performances, and full functionality on any sort of device through our designing and programming skills to make your website compatible for any mobile OS platform and mobile browsers through different sets of CSS and native feature accessing codes embedded in JavaScript.

We offer cost-effective responsive web solutions for various CMS on PHP open source including Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, etc. where we have to just tweak templates according to your bespoken needs and wishes. Thus, you will save time of development on your hire Joomla responsive designing packages as well as low cost of templates against creating website from the scratch.

RESS/Adaptive/Dynamic Joomla Web Designing Services for Mobile Friendly Websites

We make adaptive or RESS website designs by coding it in such a way that it deliver different HTML/CSS according to the types of devices from the server through detecting it before fulfilling the http requests. Thus, in adaptive mobile friendly designing process we take mobile first approaches so users can get seamless experiences across the multiple screens.

Dedicated Mobile Website Designing Services:

We design separate websites for mobile users along with a different version for desktop users. Thus, dedicated mobile sites have hosted on a sub-domain or sometimes a subfolder, but it uses the same URLs as the desktop site, but serves different HTML (dynamic serving) to desktop as well as for mobile visitors based on detection of client devices when http requests have made.


We make almost identical website to the desktop version for mobiles, except architecture or structure or say layout changes made according to the tiny screens of mobile devices. Thus, our dedicated mobile sites offer native user experiences on mobiles using its native features, touch gestures, and functionality.


In sum, we offer following services at our end:

  • Custom Responsive Joomla Web Design Services
  • Dedicated Mobile Website Development Services
  • Responsive Joomla Theme Design Services
  • Responsive Joomla Web Migration and Porting Services
  • Responsive Web intranet and extranet solutions
  • Responsive Joomla Web Templates Development Services
  • Hire Dedicated Responsive Joomla Web Design Developer Services

Moreover, we offer following procedure, techniques, and services:

  • Design responsive website layouts
  • Design personalized website features
  • Design unique artworks and graphics
  • Create database driven web applications
  • Develop mobile friendly systems with advanced location integration
  • Develop unique presentations/slide shows and social networking integration

How we do it:

  • By selecting right approaches
  • Designing the mobile version of your site, if needed
  • Making high-tech development considerations
  • Taking technical search engine optimization considerations and decisions
  • Setting up and using analytics for mobile friendly websites


Reasons to Select Lujayn for Mobile Friendly Web development Service

There are certain reasons that our patrons prefer us and we have edged to the competitions in the market. We can name few of them like:


  • We are considered as the full service agency or one-stop-shop for Joomla web development because we offer software strategies, design, and development services for desktop, web, and mobile on same window so you have no need to go elsewhere
  • We are certified partners for respective technology platforms like Joomla, WordPress, iOS, Android, and Google for digital marketing
  • We offer round-the-clock support to mitigate time zone issues of our offshore clienteles for each level of queries
  • We have highly trained human resources to offer you mobile friendly Joomla web development services at competitive rates by doing cost-effective designing, programming, and testing even on hiring packages
  • We have ultramodern infrastructure to offer highly collaborative and conductive development environment
  • We have scrappy designers and developers to give you the latest updates of technologies in your project so you can beat challenges of market easily
  • We are flexible and lean in our approaches with clients and respect their feedback as well as provide them regular updates through our modern PMS and the latest communication technologies so they feel like a team member during entire development process
  • We have iOS and Android app development team to offer your mobile friendly web designs to platform compatibility through native coding and accessibility to the native features and functionality including touch gestures, geo-locations, iBeacons, and many advancements


Technological Know-how of Our Mobile Friendly Web Development Team

Our teams of technical and designing experts have skills and expertise on following technologies as well as tools to accomplish your mobile friendly Joomla web development projects within a budget:

  • Valid HTML5 markup
  • Responsive CSS3 coding
  • JavaScript, jQuery, Media Query
  • Responsive layout designing
  • Mobile compatibility coding expertise and experiences for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, blackberry etc. mobile OS platforms
  • Working with CSS3 Grid system and CSS3 framework and software available in contemporary market


Hire Mobile Friendly Joomla Web Developers from Lujayn

Our sole aim is to pass the maximum benefits of our talents, skills, expertise, experiences, and creativity to our esteemed clienteles. Therefore, we have devised hiring packages for hire mobile friendly Joomla web developers with desired flexibility to meet budgetary constraints, project requirements, and timeline.


Therefore, you will get following advantages through our hire mobile friendly Joomla web developer services:

  • Direct control of developers
  • Regular updates of project and process
  • Room for valuable inputs or feedback from your side
  • Righteous guidance from entire team including experienced project managers and team leaders
  • Transparency at each level
  • Privacy and security of personal, professional, and business data and your project ideas including marketing
  • Best services for B2B clients by integrating work flows with their own team at offshore destination through virtual spaces
  • Right of source code
  • High quality coding through compact, clean, and comprehensive coding


We have placed every aspect of our development and services on the table, now it is your move to make final decision. If you feel that anything is missing yet, let’s have direct conversation to get further info.


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Lujayn Infoways are amazing. They outperformed my wildest expectations. Akram and his team are true experts. I will be coming back to his team for more site modifications and have already recommended him to others. I am very happy with the results.

Daniel Lalama

United States